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We're Making Music

ALEGRIA Community,

We recently completed a joy project in La Sagrada Familia, the orphanage community we support in Lima. 19 ALEGRIA team members - 16 Peruanos + 3 New Yorkers - taught 125 kids visual art, photography, music, dance, and product/industrial design. For many of the kids, it was their very creative experience.

The youth band performed (traditional Andean music!), Talia's neice's band performed (rock!), and we checked in on our ongoing youth symphonic orchestra and youth Andean music program. Your support enabled us to hire a full-time music teacher for the kids' new school year. 30 kids will be in ongoing symphonic orchestra lessons with their Profesor Ismael. We filmed and can't wait to share. Keep scrolling for more photos.

We can't wait for you to get to know Patrick Boatwright. Our newest team member, he's a photographer and filmmaker by trade and recently joined us in Lima. We'll intro you soon via the Makers Series. 

Our work with New York youth is in full swing. This spring in NYC, ALEGRIA teaching artists are mentoring teens in product design, creative writing, spoken word, and poetry.

Thank you to each of you who support this important work. It isn't possible without you. Join us by donating monthly to provide arts education to kids who need it most:

New Yorkers, don't miss this Monday night, Feb 10th, at Taj in Flatiron! ALEGRIA Board member Talia Castro-Pozo is hosting a Peruvian fiesta. La Mecanica Popular is playing live. If you've ever wanted to salsa AND support youth in NYC/Peru, come celebrate with us this Monday.

With joy,
Shay, Anna Caroline, + the ALEGRIA Team

Talia teaching dance

Music Teaching Artists Axel and Horacio

Painting by Miguel Angel, 12 years old
Flavia Teaching Maskmaking

Meet Patrick Boatright! Newest ALEGRIA Team member

Andres, Photography Teaching Artist



Hi ALEGRIA Community,

We're in a pivotal season. Thanks to you, our kids in Peru have a full-time classical music teacher for their upcoming school year (School starts in March in Peru). We hope to continue offering resources for the music program, and intensives for 300 kids in La Sagrada Familia in the new year.

In New York City, we're teaching photography and product design intensives this fall with teens in partnership with Sanctuary for Families. AND... We have two exciting Brooklyn partnerships in the works. There are teens who need our work of the most at-risk neighborhoods in Brooklyn, home to many in the ALEGRIA community.

Our community has always been one to rally. We want to dive deep and invest in our kids' lives. Please join us to raise $25,000 in 2013. Gifts of all sizes will help make this happen. Spread the word, and please donate online to ensure this important work continues:



Asu! {Wow!}

Asu is what Peruvians say for 'Wow!'. That's all we can really say from last night. Our 3rd Annual Exhibit of Hope in New York City was such an incredible outpouring of support. We were so encouraged by the incredible community gathered to support La Sagrada Familia's music program.

and... we raised just over $10,000 for the youth orchestra program! We. are. thrilled. You know what this means: FULL TIME MUSIC TEACHER for the kids! We can't wait to share with Miguel, and we'll keep you posted.

Here is Chad Owen's incredible video telling the story of the fire, and how we are coming alongside the music program.

Give online to continue supporting ALEGRIA here:, and many thanks from all of us to each person who support this work. More to come!

ALEGRIA Benefit - Rebuild La Sagrada Familia Orchestra from ALEGRIA on Vimeo.





Coming Together: See you Tuesday the 20th. 

ALEGRIA Community! This summer has been a whirlwind for us, in the very best ways. We're in the middle of ALEGRIA programming over these 6 weeks with New York City youth and teens from our partner org, Sanctuary for Families.

I was listening to one of my favorite thought leaders in the sphere of empowering artists, Samantha Bennett, and she said, "Art is what brings people together. Art is our expression of the human experience."

We have our big benefit this Tuesday, August 20th to fund ongoing classical music programming in La Sagrada Familia. Because of this exciting season, we have a lot of new faces joining us, which is what we're all about. Community. Bringing together OUR communities to come alongside communities of youth in need through the arts. & what could be better? We're all learning a whole lot, enjoying the ride, making an incredible impact in these kids' lives, and so thankful you have joined us.

See you at 8pm on the 20th for a big ol' Peruvian jazz party to benefit La Sagrada Familia ::
Tickets and info here:



Tuesday, August 20th | Exhibit of Hope :: Rebuild the Youth Orchestra


Hello ALEGRIA Community,

We're so excited to come together again for our 3rd Annual Exhibit of Hope on Tuesday, August 20th. As you know, we're focused on coming alongside La Sagrada Familia in rebuilding their orchestra program. The musical instruments in the orphanage community were destroyed in a terrible fire this spring. Some have been replaced, but we want to get the music program back up and running, with a full-time music teacher.

So, we're doing what we do best. Coming together in joy. The night is going to be a big celebration of our launch with NYC kids, and a big push to rebuild the youth orchestra in Peru. 

Hosted by world-renowned performing artist and ALEGRIA Board member Talía Castro-Pozo, ALEGRIA's Exhibit of Hope will be an exciting evening filled with live music from Gabriel Alegría and the Afro-Peruvian Sextet, performance by World Hustle Champions Kelvin Roche & Lori Ann Greenhouse, Peruvian food, drinks + dessert, ALEGRIA documentary short film screening + silent auction.

All proceeds from the Exhibit of Hope will go towards La Sagrada Familia's music program - sheet music, music stands, full time music teacher, percussion and wind and string instruments - oh my!

Grab your tickets today. Please help us continue to get the word out and grab your friends... We want to make this our best event yet. Noon Tuesday to noon Thursday, we'll have a $72/72 hour sale, and tickets at the door will go up to $120. We have a special artist/teacher/student price at $65. Ticket price is tax deductible. For tickets and more info, go here:

Thank you for joining us in bringing incredible music programming back to the amazing kids of Hogar de La Sagrada Familia in Lima.

With much joy and gratitude,
Shay Grabowski, NYC Founder

Muchas gracias a Talía Castro-Pozo, Santina Bari and Tutuma Social Club, Gabriel Alegría and the Afro-Peruvian Sextet, Kelvin Roche & Lori Ann Greenhouse, Cocositta, Pisco Portón and you, our partner in empowering underserved youth to re-imagine and create a new future for their lives.